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How it works

How it works
Our robust investigative tools make your life easy.

Access is simple, intuitive, and puts the expert investment advice at your fingertips.

How it works
Focused for any goal.

No matter what your Investment Goals, there are professionals with that exact same goal. Using this idea, we help you avoid any information that might be distracting or not align with your current Investment Strategy.

How it works
Trust the expert consensus.

Once you select your Investment Objective, you will find top consensus stocks. This means that multiple experts with your same Investment Objective are recently buying them

Why Us?

Our one of a kind data curation allow you to see through the eyes of investing professionals without the stress of sorting through mountains of information.

This is your competitive advantage.

Professional Expertise

Gain access to expert advice in markets around the world, ranging from blue-chip U.S. companies to fast-growing emerging markets. Quickly see where the money is moving to before anyone else.

Let’s Talk Objectives

Select your specific Investment Objective and reveal professional insight curated to help you quickly achieve this objective. Select across sector and regional funds, domestic and emerging markets, by investment philosophy, by growth cap, and so much more.

You Have Control

Craft a unique investment strategy and track expert consensus or investigate areas you think are primed for growth.

Ready For The Winner’s Circle?

Being a professional investor requires years of experience and thousands of hours studying investment strategy. It would seem like individual investors like yourself don’t stand a chance. When investing isn’t your full-time job, you have two options:

  • Try to figure out the markets yourself and risk wasting precious resources
  • Or utilize our intuitive tools that help you make powerful informed investment decisions with just a few clicks

We want to put you in the Winner’s Circle. With our proprietary algorithms, you’ll have unique insight into the blueprint that investment professionals are following to reach the same focused investment goal as you.

Since you no longer need to have years of professional investing experience, formal education, or a dynamic network of investors in your phone book, you can focus on enjoying your life.

Let the seasoned professionals do the research while you benefit.

Cutting Edge Advantages

Expert Recommendations

Get crystal clear, expert recommendations on:

  • Sector funds to focus on specific economic areas such as health care or real estate
  • Small cap or large cap based on the company size you’re looking for
  • Value or growth depending on your investment philosophy
  • Domestic or international markets will let you select based on the geographic location
  • And more - just take a look for yourself!

Intuitive Tools

Deploy our intuitive tools and reveal expert consensus based on your individual Investment Goals

Take Control

Take control and align yourself with the professionals to avoid wasting time or making a risky investing mistake

Spy On Experts

Simply select your Investment Goal and then spy on which stocks the experts are putting into their portfolios

Lift the Investment Fog

Lift the investment fog and review hyper-focused information curated around your Investing Strategy

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