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We scrutinize every transaction.

We remove consolidated 13F filings for mutual funds, to make sure that investments aren't double-counted.

We remove all share price and exchange rate appreciation.

We calculate net new dollars invested between reported holdings at the share price on the day reported.

We give you the results in the most important perspective.

At the end of the day, the most important signal is the parting of dollars to buy the investment. Simply, who is getting the most dollars!


Country Results - 2015-05-04

Rank Country Total Invested (M)
1 United States $984,264
2 Belgium $66,091
3 Australia $47,627
4 Canada $43,183
5 China $24,153
6 Ireland $15,509
7 Netherlands $13,324
8 United Kingdom $8,533
9 India $7,122
10 Bermuda $6,113
11 Hong Kong $4,308
12 Switzerland $3,841
13 Indonesia $3,628
14 Brazil $3,362
15 Israel $3,334

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Industry Results - 2015-05-04

Rank Industry Total Invested (M)
1 Financials $195,056
2 Technology $111,223
3 Industrials $96,783
4 Energy $81,586
5 Life Insurance $69,798
6 Materials $68,786
7 Exchange Traded Funds $56,193
8 Pharmaceuticals $27,629
9 Broadcasting - $27,020
10 Biopharmaceuticals $22,238
11 Utilities $18,734
12 Electric Utilities $14,072
13 Discount Stores $12,415
14 Apparel And $12,379
15 Medical Equipment, Supplies And $11,863

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