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Other websites list 13F holdings and focus on the micro's like individual company or insitution.

We don't use 13F holdings, instead we parse each and every Mutual Fund holding report made to the SEC to see which new foreign stocks they bought.

13F holdings are consoldiated (ie. all mutual funds are rolled up) and only major US based stocks are listed and reported on 13F.

Mutual Fund holdings reported to the SEC include every stock, every country, every industry and every size they own at the time of the reporting. By comparing each company to their previous holdings, we are able to identify brand new foreign/non-US holdings for each individual mutual fund.

The focus of brand new holdings (vs increasing holdings) is to identify which stocks has just came on the professional money manger's radar to provide the biggest opportunity.

We provide links directly to the SEC source files, so you can very independently that these are new holdings and quickly get more details and possible notes about the new holdings directly from the Mutual Funds themselves.

Our service allows you to see which stock, country and industry is the hottest among these professionals!

Is this information really valuable? Absolutely Yes!
They don't want YOU to know it for a reason....

Big fund companies that oppose this push counter that more-frequent disclosure would undermine their investment strategies, essentially tipping their hat to competitors when they make a move into or out of a stock.
Bulldog and Wynnefield maintain that stock holding information is a trade secret akin to Coca-Cola's secret formula for Coke - the product of much original research that must remain undisclosed. Fund holdings, he said, can also reflect trading strategies that is valuable to competitors. Source
Some convince the SEC that this information is so valuable, that they are allowed by the SEC to delay or do confidential filings to prevent YOU from knowing it. They include: Berkshire Hathaway,Greenway Partners, Capital Research & Management, Waterstreet Capital, T. Rowe Price, Allen Holdings, Fleet Financial Group, Deep Discount Advisors, Marcus Schloss, Ruane, Cunniff, Dillon Read, Lehman Brothers, and Alpine Associates Source
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