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Place all trades in the evenings

Be able to have a life outside the market - place trades anytime in the evenings. Set it and forget it

No dumb moves, every trade strategy has a predetermine and automated exit point - executed by a trailing stop or the open on a specified date

If a strategy is active, we calculate as-of the current open.

Technical Analysis without the analysis - no chart patterns or interpretations, just algorithms and raw numbers


Just what works - not interested in why or how

Looking at only price patterns: Open High Low Close and only the last 365 days of prices.

Since buying/selling at night, execpt trailing stop, we use the open price and assume you put the order in the night before

Short Investment Horizon

No position longer than 3 weeks, either it trends or we choose another

Assume the worst

The low price is assumed to have happened first

Of course we include trading fees!

We include trading fees (we assume $10 per trade) in every stategy - Every Single Time!

True Comparability

Every strategy starts with the same $5,000 balance - making apples to apples comparisons possible


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