Worry Less. Save More.

Mffais Bank Balance Lite is a free financial app with an ultra-minimalist design focused on managing your income and expenses to make sure you’re never caught off guard when bills are due. 







Minimalist Design

Your bank balance at a glance – with no distractions.

Cash Cushion

Choose to save each month and build yourself an extra stash of cash!

Every Penny Counts

Saving to pay off debt? Planning to invest? Our app will help you smash any goal.

Security Measures

We will never ask for any of your banking information

Your Balance – Now

No more distractions.

Mffais Bank Balance Lite is carefully designed to give you one thing – your immediate bank balance. There aren’t dozens of graphs and charts to sort through. You’ll be prepared when bills come due and waving goodbye to nasty overdraft fees.

What You Will Get


We found that most of the financial tracking apps out there can be confusing and cause people to stop using them. That hurts their chances of achieving their financial goals. With our minimalist design, see where you stand at a glance and move on!

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Build your savings

Need to save up for something? Mffais Bank Balance Lite tracks your savings goals and encourages you to achieve them.

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Free. Secure.

We promised in the beginning that we would never charge you a dime and we kept our word. You also never have to never have to enter your actual bank information. Simply program your income and expenses and our software churns out your savings – automatically.

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World class support

Money can be a touchy subject. Our professional support team is trained in how to help you achieve any financial goal. If you have questions about the app or the process, we are here to support you and walk through everything step-by-step.

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Get It Now

Checking your balance doesn’t have to be a headache. Mffais Bank Balance Lite’s simple design with puts the power back in your hands. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Give it a try – for free!

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If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact us.
We are available 24/7.

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