Worry Less. Save More.

Old School Automatic Savings is a free financial app designed to help intelligently manage your income and expenses to help you finally build your nest egg, prepare to invest, or simply pay off some debt.







Intelligent. Automatic.

Once you’ve set up the app, sit back and let our automated tools do the hard work

Cash Cushion

As close as you can get to sitting on a pile of cash

Every Penny Counts

Saving to pay off debt? Planning to invest? Our app will help you smash any goal

Security Measures

We will never ask for any of your banking information

Start Saving Now

Struggling to put money away?

Old School Automatic Savings is designed with psychological research to motivate you to save your hard earned cash. This breakthrough approach is one of a kind. There’s nothing like it on the market – just take a look for yourself!

What You Will Get

One of a kind technology

We looked into the mindset and habits of successful people who consistently save their money. We distilled that into an automated process that can be customized based on your individual goals. The app then motivates you to stay on track toward your goals each day.

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Living the "Cushy" life

Other financial apps might tell you to change your life to save money. But with Old School Automatic Savings, you don’t have to change anything. Simply spend money like normal and your customizable “Cushion” will round up the cost you see. Don’t worry, no money is ever moved in your accounts and it is always available immediately.

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Free. Secure.

We promised in the beginning that we would never charge you a dime and we upheld that promise. You also never have to never have to enter your actual bank information. Simply program your income and expenses and our software churns out your savings – automatically.

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World class support

Money can be a touchy subject. Our professional support team is trained in how to help you achieve any financial goal. If you have questions about the app or the process, we are here to support you and walk through everything step by step.

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Get It Now

Putting money away doesn’t have to be a headache. You shouldn’t have to dramatically change your lifestyle, either. Old School Automatic Savings will put the power back in your hands. It’s never been this easy to save. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Come give it a try, for free.

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