14159 capital gp llc - see footnote investment history in Tapestry pharmaceuticals inc

Filed on 2006-04-20 by 14159 Capital (Gp), Llc SEC CIK 1317493 Form 3

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2006-04-05 14159 Capital Gp Llc (CIK 1317493) through See Footnote

Invested in Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc remaining shares owned 113874

Common Stock Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc Tpph

f1 in addition to 14159 capital (gp), llc, this form 3 is being filed jointly by julian c. baker and felix j. baker, each ofwhom has the same business address as 14159 capital (gp), llc and may be deemed to have a pecuniary interest in securitiesowned by it. because of certain relationships with other security holders of the issuer, the reporting persons are filingsolely for informational purposes as if they were a member of a group with such shareholders. however, the reporting personsdisclaim that they and any other person or persons, in fact constitute a "group" for purposes of section 13(d) of thesecurities exchange act of 1934, as amended (the "1934 act"), or rule 13d-5 thereunder or that they are the beneficialowners of securities owned by such other persons, and each of them disclaims beneficial ownership of securities reportedherein except to the extent of their pecuniary interest, if any, therein.
f2 represents securities owned directly by 14159, l.p., a limited partnership of which the sole general partner is 14159capital, l.p., a limited partnership of which the sole general partner is 14159 capital (gp), llc. felix j. baker andjulian c. baker are the controlling members of 14159 capital (gp), llc.