Abbrecht todd m - see footnotes 1 and 2 investment history in Warner chilcott ltd

Filed on 2006-09-21 by Abbrecht Todd M SEC CIK 1260937 Form 3

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2006-09-20 Abbrecht Todd M (CIK 1260937) through See Footnotes 1 And 2

Invested in Warner Chilcott Ltd remaining shares owned 37443662

Class A Common Stock Warner Chilcott Ltd Wcrx

f1 represents shares of the issuer held directly by thomas h. lee (alternative) fund v, l.p. ("alternative fund"), thomas h. lee (alternative) parallel fund v, l.p. ("alternative parallel fund"), thomas h. lee (alternative) cayman fund v, l.p. ("alternative cayman fund" and together with alternative fund and alternative parallel fund, the "alternative funds") and thomas h. lee investors limited partnership ("thl investors" and together with the alternative funds, the "funds"). the reporting person is a member of thomas h. lee advisors (alternative) v limited, ldc, which is the general partner of thl advisors (alternative) v, l.p., which is the general partner of each of the alternative funds. the reporting person is a vice president of thl investment management corp., which is the general partner of thl investors. therefore, the reporting person may be deemed to beneficially own the shares of the issuer held directly by eachof the funds.
f2 the reporting person disclaims beneficial ownership of such shares, and this report shall not be deemed an admission that the reporting person is the beneficial owner of the securities for purposes of section 16 or for any other purpose, except to the extent of his pecuniary interest therein.