Abrams david c - see footnote 1 investment history in Global signal inc

Filed on 2005-05-31 by Abrams David C SEC CIK 1292250 Form 4

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2005-05-26 Abrams David C (CIK 1292250) through See Footnote 1

Invested in Global Signal Inc bought 3137255 shares at $25.5 remaining shares owned 9125689

Common Stock Global Signal Inc Gsl Transaction code: P Open market or private purchase of securities

f1 the shares reported herein include (i) 38,986 shares held by 222 partners, llc, (ii) 457,862 shares held by great hollow international, l.p., (iii) 518,602 shares held by abrams capital partners i, l.p., (iv) 1,510,000 shares held by riva capital partners, l.p., (v) 1,298,778 shares held by whitecrest partners, l.p. and (vi) 5,301,461 shares held by abrams capital partners ii, l.p. mr. abrams is the managing member of 222 partners, llc and is the managing member of the general partner of each of the limited partnerships set forth in the preceding clauses (ii) through (vi). in such capacities, mr. abrams has voting and investment power with respect to all shares reported herein. mr. abrams disclaims beneficial ownership of these shares, except to the extent of his pecuniary interest therein, and the inclusion of these shares in this report shall not be deemed an admission of beneficial ownership of the shares reported herein for purposes of section 16 or for any other purpose.