Abrams realty capital partners llc - direct investment history in Pnmac mortgage opportunity fund llc

Filed on 2008-08-21 by Abrams Capital Llc SEC CIK 1112443 Form 3

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2008-08-11 Abrams Realty Capital Partners Llc (CIK 1443287) through Direct

Invested in Pnmac Mortgage Opportunity Fund Llc remaining shares owned 0 at $4649927.26

Voting Securities Beneficial Interests Pnmac Mortgage Opportunity Fund Llc Pnmac

f2 a total of $394 million has been committed to the issuer by various investors, based on information provided to the reportingpersons by the issuer. based on additional information provided by the issuer, arcp owns more than 10% of the issuer'soutstanding voting securities. arcp has committed a total of $46.84 million pursuant to the terms of an agreement betweenarcp and the issuer, dated august 1, 2008 of which $4,649,927.26 has been funded and an additional $10,422,250.75 has beencalled but has not yet been funded.
f1 the securities reported herein are held directly by abrams realty capital partners, llc ("arcp"), of which abrams capital,llc is the managing member. in such capacity, abrams capital, llc may be deemed to beneficially own the securities reportedherein. david c. abrams is the managing member of abrams capital, llc, and in such capacity, mr. abrams may be deemed tobeneficially own the securities reported herein. each reporting person disclaims beneficial ownership of such securitiesexcept to the extent of its pecuniary interest therein, and the inclusion of such securities in this report shall not bedeemed an admission of beneficial ownership for purposes of section 16 or for any other purpose.