Abs capital partners v lp - direct investment history in Alarmcom holdings inc

Filed on 2015-07-02 by Abs Capital Partners V Lp SEC CIK 1326194 Form 4

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2015-07-01 Abs Capital Partners V Lp (CIK 1326194) through Direct

Invested in Alarmcom Holdings Inc sold 1572847 shares remaining shares owned 0

Series A Preferred Stock Alarmcom Holdings Inc Alrm underlying security shares 14155263 underlying security title Common Stock

f1 each share of the series a prefered stock automatically converted into 9 shares of common stock upon the closing of the issuer's initial public offering. the series a preferred stock has no expiration date.
f2 these shares are held directly by abs capital partners v, l.p. ("abs capital v"). abs partners v, llc (the "llc") is the general partner of abs partners v, l.p. ("abs partners v"), which is the general partner of abs capital v. donald hebb, jr., phillip clough, john stobo, jr., mark anderson, stephanie carter, ashoke goswami, james stevenson, ralph terkowitz, a director of the issuer, timothy weglicki and laura witt (collectively, the "abs managers") are the managing members of the llc and, as such, share voting and dispositive power over the shares held by abc capital v. none of the abs managers acting alone have voting or dispositive power over the shares held by abs capital v.